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Hi my name is Monica and im reaching out in hopes that you could help me. My husband Bobby had recently turned his life around. He came out of prison last summer a completely different man! He was absolutely a dream, he had matured and became the man i always knew he could be. It was rough for him though, 2 months before he was released his father passed away. He was crushed, that was his best friend! Then not even 3 months after he was home he found his little brother dead, he had overdosed on methadone! You can only imagine the hurt he felt. He started to crumble , he got pulled over and got charged with possession. He was so ashamed , but he admitted his wrongs and called his parole officer and his probation officer and told them. He had made the decision then he wanted rehab. His so called friends and his sister started filling his head with a bunch of lies telling him his life was over and that he was stupid if he did. So he got scared and didn't go. But he is such a good man with a heart of gold. Hes never been offered help or rehab or drug court, they have always denied him. Before he came home last summer he did get an acceptance letter from life challenge. In odessa texas. He was so thrilled but they pushed him onto a half way hse instead. Theres so much more to this, im begging you!!!
Please call me! This would mean the world to him!
He is gonna be the next success story! If you met him , you would see what I see in him! Im asking you from the bottom of my heart to give us this opportunity! Please help me save my family!
Thank you,
Monica Cooper

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